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2017-2018 FLU SHOT IS A BUST!

This year's dose of the flu vaccine is a big bust. Experts agree it is likely only going to be about 10% effective, but it is worse than they let on.

Flu vaccines are relatively ineffective the majority of the time. There are some 300 flu strains and vaccines only protect against 3 in any given year. So this means that your chance of a flu shot working at any time are only 1%.

(Sept 2019 update :flu shot fails to protect seniors, dangerous to pregnant women)

I have never had a flu shot. For me, it is simply a measure of risk and what I allow to be put into my body. I want to avoid mercury (yes, it is still in a flu shot), formaldehyde, aluminum, and antibiotics. Do you not find it ironic that the health industry tells us that we are over-using antibiotics, but then every year they PUSH flu shots that have antibiotics as part of the vaccine? I believe the risk of taking the flu vaccine and living with long term health consequences is one I do not want to take.

Washing hands and avoiding people who are sick easily surpasses the usefulness and risks of a flu shot in my opinion! When the flu is active, simply be more vigilant. Change your bath and hand towels daily. Avoid public places. Wash your hands multiple times during the day.

I would also encourage you to navigate our site, and take a look at both our House Cleaning Set and our Cold/Flu Set. We have listed multiple studies that show the effectiveness of Essential Oils at fighting cold & flu viruses. Click on the individual bottles to see some of the studies that back essential oil use, without the use of toxic substances.

These oils are backed by science showing they are antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. The study below shows that Tea Tree and Eucalyptus can fight airborne viruses.

Inactivation of Airborne Influenza Virus by Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils

I know some of you are employed in the health care system and are heavily pushed to have a flu shot. I feel terrible for you to be in that position. Perhaps you believe that it helps, but the facts and the stats prove otherwise. Taking the flu shot on a regular basis has proven to weaken your immune system and makes you more likely to get the flu in subsequent years.


Every 2-3 days we use our house cleaning blend to clean surfaces in our home- the kitchen counter tops, the hardware on our cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, and stove. We clean the remote controls, cell phones, computer and mouse. Everything and anything touched by human hands gets a quick wipe down. At the same time we diffuse essential oils like Tea Tree, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and many others. We change our diffusing blends almost daily. Strengthen your immunity, don't weaken it!

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"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

                                                                                         George Orwell


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