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Essential Oil Blends starting at $22

These blends are inspired by our 6-bottle collections, conveniently customized in a single bottle blend!

Click on the names below to check out each of these delicious blends:

Holiday at the Cabin 

Classic seasonal scent of cinnamon, bergamot, peppermint, and woody notes. Just like bringing you back to that special holiday spent at the cabin.

Festive Mingle

The timeless seasonal aromas of orange, cinnamon, and clove, bringing back memories of winter mandarins, cinnamon sticks, and fresh baking.

Immunity Boost

A refreshing blend with a focus on strengthening the immune system to help fight cold & flu viruses. 

Everyday Citrus

Bright and fresh, and reminds us of the smell and flavour of a Slurpee in the summertime! It's a scent you never tire of, and it got its name because of its versatility. It's a blend for everyday and any day!

Take a Hike

Cooling and woodsy, like a brisk morning hike through the woods. An uplifting essential oil blend that is revitalizing and stress-relieving.

Sweet Slumber

A fresh take on the calming effects of Lavender, being sweet and floral with bright and refreshing notes. 

don't BUG me

The perfect blend for repelling insects such as mosquitos, black flies, and ticks. Use to create a homemade bug spray, or as a natural repellent for houseplants and in the garden. 

100% organic

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