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Organic Lemon

Organic Lemon

Lemon has many benefits that can help during the cold and flu season. When the lymph nodes are swollen, which can happen during a cold, lemon oil (diluted) can be applied to the area to help encourage drainage of the lymphatic system.

Lemon oil mixed with a carrier oil can also be used on the chest and/or nose area to relieve congestion. Even smelling the oil directly from the bottle can be helpful (avoid direct contact).

Diffusing Lemon oil and inhaling also appears to work great, which has been our personal experience. It also seems to uplift moods due to its very pleasant smell.

Lemon blends well with other citrus oils.

This item is part of our Cold & Flu Collection

 Safety Info: Diluted skin test recommended. If applied topically to the skin, direct sunlight should be avoided for 12 hours after application.

Country of Origin: Italy. Cold Pressed

Botanical Name: Citrus limonum

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