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Our Story

In July of 2017, our family got the heartbreaking news that a member of our family had cancer. It was a very difficult time, but this diagnosis led us on a journey that has brought us to today.

During this time, we were presented with the option of chemotherapy, but we were concerned about the side effects that come with this type of treatment. In an effort to alleviate side effects and help our family in any way possible, we began researching alternative and all-natural therapies. This research led us on a journey of discovering healthier living, and along this road, we discovered the power of essential oils. Essential oils are powerful, and are well-known throughout the world to have many health benefits, including fighting cancer. While researching essential oils, we found that many of the top brands were very expensive and that they were probably out of reach for most people. At this point, we discovered that working closely with our supplier, that we could offer the same high-quality oils at a much more affordable price. Ty Essential Oils was born!

It is our mission to offer a website that not only acts as an online store for the highest quality essential oils, but to also make it an interactive site to help in the fight against cancer and chronic disease! We still have a lot of work to do.

We are a small family-run company and all of our bottles are designed, filled, labeled, and packaged by hand. It is a labor of love that we are very passionate about.

All of our oils are 100% organic, pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade, (unless otherwise stated), and are sourced from a 100% certified organic facility.

Our oils are certified by several organizations including QAI, USDA, Kosher, Vegan, IFEAT, and Fair Trade.

We are Canadian owned and operated, and reside in Calgary, Alberta.