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Organic Sweet Orange

Organic Sweet Orange

Orange is a great cleaning product, well known for its degreasing ability. It’s scent is used in many cleaning products today, but unfortunately, many of those cleaning products come with unwanted toxins.

As you clean with your own essential oil blend, you can know it's killing germs that can lead to cold and flu symptoms!

Diffusing orange can have calming effects too! A 2014 study concluded orange oil induces physiological and psychological relaxation.”

Orange has amazing anti-cancer benefits. It has shown to be effective on colon cancer cells and human lung cancer cells by triggering cancer cell death.

In the words of one study “Our results provide rationale to develop orange peel extract enriched with monodemethylated PMFs into value-added nutraceutical products for cancer prevention.”




Safety Info: Diluted skin test recommended. Direct sunlight should be avoided for 12 hours after application.

Country of Origin: USA. Cold Pressed

Botanical Name:  Citrus sinensis

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