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Organic Bergamot

Organic Bergamot

Bergamot has an amazing smell that is like a mix between lemon, lime, and orange. Historically, it was used in tea and can make regular black tea taste like Earl Grey.

Bergamot is known to help alleviate feelings of depression and can also be very relaxing. A 2011 study showed decreases in both blood pressure and pulse rate when used in aromatherapy blended with Lavender.


Additional benefits include helping with oily skin, digestive issues (indigestion, gas), skin infections, fighting bacteria, and relieving muscle tension and headaches.

Safety Info : Avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours if applied to skin. May effect blood sugar levels; diabetics should monitor levels on a regular basis if using this product.

Country of Origin: ITALY. Cold Pressed.

Botanical Name : Citrus bergamia

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