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Throughout history many lives have been lost due to disease that in today’s world we know were the result of nutritional deficiencies.
 Scurvy is the most well-known story of a nutritional deficiency, that cost the lives of tens of thousands of sailors. Long ocean voyages resulted in poor nutrition and specifically in the case...

The Journey to BEAT CANCER starts here.

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      - What cancer really is
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Dr Mercola - Keep a Clean House With Nontoxic Cleaners

Ty Essential Oils will be providing relevant articles to our site from Dr. Mercola. Here is a little history of who Dr. Mercola is.


     Dr. Mercola finished his family practice residency in 1985 but was trained by the conventional model. In his first years of private practice, he treated many symptoms with prescription drugs and was actually a paid speaker for the drug companies.

    2017-2018 FLU SHOT IS A BUST!

    This year's dose of the flu vaccine is a big bust. Experts agree it is likely only going to be about 10% effective, but it is worse than they let on.

    Flu vaccines are relatively ineffective the majority of the time. There are some 300 flu strains and vaccines only protect against 3 in any given year. So this means that your chance of a flu shot working at any time are only 1%.

    (Sept 2019 update :flu shot fails to protect seniors, dangerous to pregnant women)

    I have never had a flu...

    The Legend of Thieves: Fact or Fiction?

    The legend of thieves is a story with many versions. The question is, can these stories be proven? If there is no actual proof, are there historical accounts from a different source that could lend support to the legend? Can science also offer some facts to whether the story could be true? We believe the answer to these questions is yes.

    So what is the Legend of Thieves? The Thieves story revolves around the Bubonic Plague or Black Death. The story we hear most often is usually reported in around the time of the early 1500’s (although the Black Death...