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The Great Outdoors Collection

Scents from the outdoors provide some of the best therapeutic benefits and have been used around the world for centuries. Diffusing these essential oils can really help to unwind after a hard day. They're known for their calming and uplifting qualities, as well as numerous other health benefits.

Essential oils included in this set are:

Organic Spruce (black) 15ml

Organic Balsam Fir 15ml

Organic Pine 15ml

Organic Cedarwood 15ml

Organic Juniper Berry 15ml

Organic Tea Tree 15ml

We would also encourage you to add either Lemongrass and/or a couple of citrus oils like Lemon, Orange, Lime or Bergamot. By adding these oils to this set, you can blend them into a homemade house cleaner. Tea Tree, Pine, and your citrus oils are perfect for this purpose. All of these oils are also excellent in your home or automotive diffuser. The blends you create are only limited by your own imagination!


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